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We at Aladdin Australian Labradoodles have twenty five years experience of showing dogs in the confirmation ring, working them in the field and producing loving puppies.

We bought our first Labrador Retriever from Texas and had him shipped to us here in Washington.

We spent sixteen years with Labrador Retrievers, with countless of those years spent learning about health concerns and what it takes to be a good dog breeder (one who consistently breeds a puppy with excellent health, excellent temperaments, correct confirmation - very biddable dogs and puppies), before we purchased our first Australian Labradoodles 12 years ago.
We find this venture to be a very rewarding experience in every way.

Our Nursery is in our house, mainly because we love rearing our puppies with all the sights and sounds of a family home. My Grand Daughter and other children take great joy in playing and socializing with all of our puppies in our Nursery, not to mention our puppy people who have kindly offered their time to do this enchanting deed.

A heart-felt 'Thanks' to all those that have given their loving expertise to my bred-by puppies.

It is our pleasure to be a Charter Member and Board Officer of the Australian Labradoodle Club Of Americas,
that stand strongly for Australian Labradoodles
in all countries, world wide.
It is our vision to continue to breed these Australian Labradoodles,
with integrity, keeping in mind their wonderful temperament,
Good Genetic health testing and proper type.
We at Aladdin, are dedicated to preserve
these precious Labradoodles,
that came from Australia. We invite you to take a walk thru our site,
meet our Girls and Boys and Puppies, and we hope you enjoy!

Thank you.

ALCA Charter Member and Board Officer

The Labradoodle Puppy & You

This fortunate cross between the famed Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle was created to develop a low-shedding, more allergy friendly breed of dog. Originally bred as guide dogs, health and intelligence was also selected and bred for. The result, with the infusion of four other breeds, was this fantistic lovable creature called the Australian Labradoodle. Australian Labradoodles are known for characteristics that make them an ideal family pet, namely:

  • Allergy friendly
  • Highly Intelligent & Trainable
  • Loving & Intuitive
  • Playful & Interactive
  • Low to Non-shedding
  • Bred to Exacting Breed Standards

Once part of your family, they will become a cherished member for life!




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